Welcome to the one page I wish existed when I got into boats. A calculator for how much it’s going to cost to live aboard.

Literally when I got into this life style there was next to no information on this. The first live aboard guy I talked to was… to put it plainly… an ass. We (my Dad, myself and I think my sister) went to a marina where I knew another live aboard was located and did his blog from (sadly he doesn’t do that anymore). I found another guy there though. We asked if he had any advice for me starting off.

His words?

“Don’t do it.”

When I asked why his response was literally “Just because. Don’t do it.”. I don’t know about you but when faced with that sort of hostility I generally knuckle down and barge straight on into the issue. So for the future live aboard peeps I give you this page. Side note/legalise: This is in no way 100% accurate, nor the only thing you should use to make such a big decision. Seriously there’s a LOT to consider to living on a boat. I’m going to try to list them here for you though. Enjoy.

Some info first on the boat you want to live on (no this isn’t getting stored anywhere).

LOA (Length Over All) in feet
Beam (How wide is your ship) in feet
Type of vessel

Marina stuff (This is assuming a 6 month interval):

Price per foot
Pump out costs
Pump out cost model
Price per circuit (or plugs)
Number of circuits (or plugs)

Marina Name $/ft Waste $ Electric $ Total for season

I’m still working on this. Hopefully this will get done soon.