Introducing Bindy!

So we got ourselves a new furry companion on the boat. Meet Bindy!

BindyShe’s a 14 month old (as of this post) tabby that we picked up from¬†Pawsway¬†which is near where we dock for winter. We didn’t think we were going to get a new pet for quite a while yet but she is just a crazy cuddly cat. Super affectionate and very playful (slight red head so she loses her mind once in awhile). Very happy that we have her on board, and it only took like 2 hours for her to get used to the place.

Just as a shout out to the Pawsway people the whole process with them was painless and really easy. Not only was the purchase cheap but they covered all her medical bills (chipping, neutering, vaccines) but also we have prepaid insurance with them for a bit of time. Highly recommend!

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