Off to hibernate for winter again

Posted from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Our move is complete. But naturally… since it’s me… Things didn’t go exactly uhhh… normal?

The plan was this. The night before I’d fire up the engines, then they day of my parents and aunt would come on over along with Mitch and we’d just toddle on over. Done. So here’s where things started going weird.

The night before we had a bit of fog going on and when we started the motor on up I guess the dew point was such that our exhaust was able to cause some of the fog to condense some more which meant aside from the roar of our engine being VERY loud and the noise traveling a good distance it created what looked like a huge amount of smoke. Although I was pleased with the outcome the guys at Toronto Island Marina had the shit scared out of them and they ran on down to find out what had gone one. I assured them all was fine in the end but I think I caused a minor heart attack in Gary.

Next day. Mitch rolls on over and we get ready for the move on over to the city side. Mom and Dad had a doctors appointment so we’d have an early lunchtime move. Well… things got delayed… and delayed… and delayed. So Mitch and myself had to take it over with Jeannie ourselves. Oddly enough this worked out rather well. When we got there they were waiting for us to catch lines so that worked out well but ya. Plans never go as planned. Sheesh.

Anyways we’re here now so time to button on down the boat for our long winter nap.

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