Running from Pan-Am game central

Posted from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This winter finally has come to a close just in time for more snow coming this coming Thursday apparently. Over this time I have not been idle but not a lot has been going on for the boat itself. I’ll have a post talking about some of the fun we went through over winter so I hope to have that out sometime soonish. This winter has been pretty hectic personally and I’ve been under the weather a lot of the time with my usual migraine bonanza hence the radio silence here. Anyways onto the move itself.

The week leading up to our move was so freaking calm out that we were seriously itching to just go. Regardless of the fact that we’d have had no crew just myself and my wife. It would’ve been a bit of an adventure BUT there was basically no wind the entire time and every night usually ended up in a glassy calm that would’ve made the move easy. In any case we waited until Saturday to go, again we were being hurried out of Pier 4 but I don’t really mind for the most part, Toronto Island Marina is much quieter than the dulcet tones of jack hammers going on in the down town core right now. Saturday comes along… perfect morning… but the wind is picking up. My sister and I guided the ship out using ropes while my Dad was on helm (he had busted up his ankle a little bit from a motorcycle accident so I didn’t want him running around on a slick deck, the guys at St. Catharines didn’t put any anti-slip paint despite my asking for it). While we were guiding it out a big gust of wind from the east blew the ship off the wall while it was moving. We tried to haul it in a bit but with no luck so I just yelled to my sister to jump for it and we both made the leap of over a meter and a 1/2 onto the deck. Once we got partially out into the harbour my Dad still at the helm floored the engine just to give it a bit of a shakedown after a long winter slumber (I had run it earlier the previous week but more on that later). We made record time over to the island while being helped along by the northerly wind… Which sounds weird given the gust from the East but Toronto’s skyscrapers have the fun effect of bending the wind direction all over the place. The northern wind end up helping us across the harbour and once we got to our dock we were able to miss the dock and simply wait for the wind to help push us in. All in all a rather uneventful crossing… Just the way I like it.

In total we had myself, my wife, my Mom, Dad, sister and aunt on board along with our dog Marshmallow (story on that later for another time). Thanks all for the help!

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