A quick fix

This is just a small post to show a nice little thing I did to help keep the boat warm.

In our galley we have 2 doors that aren’t particularly well insulated or even draft tight. So usually what you can do to at least stop drafts is jam any gaps full of insulating foam etc. This year I decided to try something a bit more robust.

Blue board insulating foam.

Basically I made a wall of the stuff and jammed it into the doorway itself which resulted in this at the back of our galley.


Which instantly blocked out a lot of the drafts we had keeping the room warmer and helped block out some of the city noise.

But it’s a bit ugly. Sure blue is soothing and all but the logo’s are kinda crap. My sister had some spare cloth from Ikea that she gave us so we did this to it.


 Which we just put up with a staple gun. This is a nice way to brighten up a room in general for cheap.

1 thing that I haven’t done with this just which I will be doing is ironing it. Right now there’s creases everywhere. Which is fine. Buuuut lets make this all nice right?

Next few projects I’ll be working on should have some really nice photos to accompany it. With any luck they’ll be fairly quick to accomplish. But I have to arrange a few things first so we’ll see how it goes.

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