Hey! I’m supposed to be the one with the really weird boat!

Honestly who do these people think they are bringing other cool boats into the harbour? Geez.

First we had this guy pull up beside us at TIM.


And then around the corner at the dock near Hanlans point there was this guy


The first one was an old wooden vessel that had loads of little details on it carved into the wood. A guy seems to live on it and just cruise around. I don’t know if he’s a full timer like some of us but the boat was in amazing condition YET still showed signs of being well used and not just “kept behind glass” so to speak. She is called the Caledonia.

The second is a training vessel from Ottawa called the Fair Jeanne. It had a bunch of trainees on the back taking a class while I was there. Rather interesting looking ship.

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    Hi Josh,

    I was curious how Pathfinder was doing and have been perusing your site for the past hour. It brings back memories of 4 years of self inflicted torture, but fun. I really loved that boat, and the way she looks.
    I’ve got a ton of photos which I’d be happy to share with you showing how she looked when I bought her and the transformation. I spent 7 months in a shipyard with 2 to 3 full time workers and many more hours over the next few years. Wish I could have seen her through to completion, but I had bought another house, and needed the money for that when I sold her to the Army Capt. Would look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

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