Momentum and weather

So ya. I’ve kinda lost some steam with the renos on the boat lately. I find it’s very hard to pick it back up especially with everything going on as of lately (wedding planning, work, weather causing fantastic migraines etc). So nothing lately to report in that area. Even the stuff I have planned isn’t exactly “glamorous” either which may be what I tackle this weekend (through hull fitting, some battery stuff). But whatever. I also have another project I’m trying to get out before the summer season starts so that is also taking my time. I’ll elaborate a bit more when I have something to show for it (hopefully by next week).

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  • Brian Ryder
    Posted March 15, 2012 at 2:35 pm | Permalink

    Hello just wanted to say T-509 is looking very nice I was a prior owner of her, she was the still water when my partner and I found her berthed at Damarascota Maine and had not been run for 10 years we bought her from the bank for 7k dollars the amount owed for berthing we sailed her to portland and had lots of steel work and changed the name to Nokomis before Stillwater her name was kenebec and after the work in Portland we moved her to bath where she stayed for 5 years and we used for work as well as pleasure I would love to see more pictures and talk to you more in detail

    Captain Brian Ryder

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