Ship progress

So as it turns out I still suck at doing posts on a regular basis. Oh well.

But I do have some fun stuff to talk about. Primarily we’re closing in on having water pressure throughout the boat! Jeannie and I have installed the water pump, manifold to distribute the water, sealed up some leaks around the pipe fittings into our water tanks (Quick note on this. When you get any threaded fitting that says it a certain size realize that if it’s in plastic it’ll be slightly too small and if its metal it’ll be slightly too big. Why is this? Who knows. What’s the solution beyond Teflon tape? Caulking… lots of caulking sealant.). Now we still have to get the gray water system sorted out (gray water is any water from showers or sinks, black water is sewage basically), and then the variety of plumbing between everywhere else and the manifolds and tanks but there ya go.

The other thing we installed was these:

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