Still here in body only

It’s been a rather busy few weeks which is why there hasn’t been any updates to ye olde blog. I should be uploading some interior photos of the boat along with some info on where things are and how things are going.

A quick version right now is that we’ve got all the parts to the heating system either installed or ready to be installed. So ya. Heat has been the major focus for us so far so it’s been rather difficult with how the winter had super sub zero temperatures with the wind chill for a while there. Fortunately we’re on the home stretch now.

Anyways I’ll give a more detailed overview of what has gone on and what life aboard has been like lately and even a mini crash course in migraines that are caused by weather effects. Sounds weird but weather can (and is) a major trigger for migraines. So is a lack of coffee in the morning… Well…. Maybe not that last one there but anyways I’m off to get some.

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