The merry month of Rushtober

As my previous post said I’m not dead yet but there is a lot of stuff going on. To attempt to keep it straight in my head I’m writing down what has transpired over the past month and a bit.

First off since dockage has been secured at Pier 4 for this winter I’ve been given a rough date I have to be in by which is around the 30th of October. Reason for this is how the boats in Pier 4 are arranged to protect each other during the winter seasons. All normal liveaboards are on the West side of the marina on normal docks, the larger more sturdy ships are docked along the concrete wall on the east side effectively blocking the canal entrance for all the vessels. This has the effect of making sure large pieces of ice don’t come into the pier and wreak Titanic like havoc on the fiberglass ships there. The down side of this is that everyone fits in more or less like Tetris pieces and once you’re in you can’t move, plus I have to enter the marina at a specific time to make sure I’m in the right place. In this case I have to be behind a ship called “Challenger” and before a ship called “Kajama” both of which are larger than mine so much more difficult to maneuver than mine. Hence the requirement of getting in at the right time. To finish off the docking dance the entrance to the entire marina is blocked off by the “Empire Sandy” sealing us in for the winter. Since this marina is also closer to condo’s, other small vessels and more hoity-toity places and people we’re not allowed to do any serious construction. So end of this month whatever I have done on board is essentially what will be done for this winter.

So this month is BUSY with finishing the boat really is what I’m saying. As a result instead of having a sitting room in the cargo hold area of the ship it’s being converted into a master suite… sorta… for this winter so that NEXT year we’ll finish it when we’re back at Toronto Island Marina. This is pretty cool anyways since that means the master bedroom/stateroom will have it’s own wood burning fireplace. Not a bad thing in my mind or my girlfriends mind either. 🙂

On top of all this this month my 1 tooth that was bothering me a bit was joined by a new friend on the other side. BOTH need root canals now. FUN. As a side note to add to all this since they’re both in the molar area I can’t really chew properly so I have to go with more liquid or soupy meals. Needless to say I’ve been losing weight and I’m down to about 165lbs. Not so good but still in the ok range. The down side is that my body is used to taking in more calories so sometimes if I’m in a decent amount of pain I’ll get dizzy while at my desk from lack of food. This should be getting fixed though within 1 or 2 weeks… I hope…

Now on to some other fun I’ve had. My apartment from hell had a lot of drama at the end of last month. Near the end I was informed that since the Land-bastards… errr… Landlords didn’t get my written notice a full 60 days before my leaving date that I have to pay for an extra month. Which in my mind said “Congrats. You have to stay there for November.” so I was ready to stay there for an extra month which worked out well for the whole boat building thing. Then a week before the end of the month they asked “When are you moving out?” which I replied that since they’re forcing me to pay for an extra month the end of that month naturally. They informed me then that they had already rented out the place for the month of October. Since I hadn’t continued to pack since I was going to pay for October this meant I had to rush. I talked to them and said that they had essentially screwed me and to please give me more than 48hrs to move out. But to no avail. So in the end I had to move in 48hrs to my sisters place for this month (Thanks K!) until the boat was finished.

In the end I’m tired, sore, and ready for some R&R. UGH! Well 2 more weeks is all before I will be basically unable to continue work on the boat (except for painting and maybe some minor furniture stuff). The end of this week Jeannie will be here living either on the boat with me or up at my parents place while I bust my buns to finish the boat with my Dad (Thanks Dad!). And then a little madness at the end of the month to move the boat and some madness for Jeannie’s exams come the first week of November (and her B-Day! Don’t think I’ve forgotten hun! :P).

I’ve got my camera with me so I’ll take some more progress photos before I leave tonight and post them here.

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