Day 2: Still in Eastport but refitting nearly done

Posted from Eastport, Maine, United States.

Today was a lot of work. We got the power run to the pilot house, organized the main saloon, sorted out some of the wiring, got the mast ready to be cut down, setup the temporary head, disconnected the old radar and got our food supplies for the trip. All in all it was a good day.

We brought 2 crew members along with us (John and Neil Cameron) who both have experience in handling vessels. My Dad naturally given his past. I on the other hand have very little experience with handling vessels of this size and even less experience as being the Commander of any vessel (typically I’ve been resigned to being the swabby at most, or deckhand really) so this is all new to me. Fortunately I don’t plan on taking the ship out often without help with more seasoned sailors for the time being and probably not until I’ve modified the hull a bit with a bulbous bow with a thruster inside of it.

A final note regarding the dockage I’ll have in Toronto. Plans have had to change literally last minute. I called the harbour I was going to dock at just to confirm with them that I could dock there and to give them my insurance information to make it official. They reneged on the months of verbal confirmation that they had given me. As a result I had a thermal melt down and had to get my Mom and my sister to help me at 2:30pm on Friday to find a dock that could take me. To that we have 2 solutions currently.

  1. Toronto Island Marina (Hanlons Point): The dock there isn’t specifically for full time docking for the summer but they did say I could stay there for a month currently. However, I’m going to try to stay there permanently as the location is great, the price is better than OHM, and the people are friendly.
  2. Midland: This may end up being what I go with depending on the time I have left after this trip. The idea is that we’d take it up to Midland and for the Summer I’d put it on the hard to work on the interior, when winter comes I’d launch it again and move on. This is handy because I’d be able to check the hull, repaint it and figure out why the depth sounder and forward looking sonar are all messed up.

So there you have it. The update thus far. Anyways it’s late and I’m exhausted.

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