The merry month of May

So it seems I haven’t updated for a month. Well crap… No excuse really but I have been extremely busy. Just to quickly go over the details of what has gone on here’s a bullet list:

  • During April I had a business trip to Portland Oregon for most of a week.
  • The week that I returned I went to Eastport to finally see the T-Boat in person. So by this point I have literally flown from 1 coast to the other within the span of a week.
  • Arranged for the final purchase of the boat.
  • Arranged for insurance for said boat.
  • Figured out financing… for said boat.
  • Found dockage but couldn’t book until I had insurance
  • Couldn’t get insurance until I got a new survey
  • Couldn’t get the survey until after I bought the boat

Overall it’s been very exciting and exhausting. I hope to update more often now that the paper work flood is almost done (I have to get my slip at the dock today and that’s it for the preliminaries). After all this I head on out on Sunday to Eastport to bring the ship back.

Here’s a link showing the path I’ll be taking:

View Eastport Maine to the new Home in a larger map

So ya. 5 to 6 days and in theory I should be back to clear customs and then finally dock at OHM. And on the 7th day I’ll rest… Yeesh…

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