… then I woke up and things went crazy.

No seriously. Apparently going to sleep around midnight was only the 1/2 time show to a series of “Did that just happen?” events.

Fortunately this one is a bit shorter to explain… But basically… While I was brushing my teeth in the head I looked out the porthole and promptly did a spit take. I saw a ships bow just about to hit us!

I ran up to the deck and Jeannie was already outside trying to figure out what was going on. Basically 2 guys were moving their boat, and the engine died as they were heading for us. So we fended them around our boat and they pulled themselves to a dock they were going to work on.

Now while this is going on the old planes for the air show were buzzing on in in formation. Which is pretty cool in and of itself. But it spooked the coyotes that we believe live on Mugg’s Island so they started yipping and howling.

Which is when I finished getting ready for work and headed out.

I don’t know about you but I’m sorta funned out for now.


Side note: Jonathan is finding this all great since when he came here he wanted to see all the variety of boats, hear the coyotes, see planes etc. The fates apparently conspired to let him see them all first hand… and up close!

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