… then I came home and things went crazy

So first off my brother in law is here for a week to see what life afloat is like. Today when I got back from work we decided to go off for a toddle in the dingy around the islands with him. Jeannie, Jonathan and myself (The 3 J-kateers?) went around Center Island, by RCYC and went off to get a REAL close up of the sugar ship that was in dock along with the Toronto Dry Dock, and a few other ships around there. Afterwards we came back as it was dusk.

Standard enough day really.

That is until we heard one of our neighbors yelling across to our boat for some reason. We saw a lady struggling on the dock near the electric tour boat. She wasn’t climbing out of the water but rather trying to sit down on the dock. We came into dock and which is around the same time that the neighbor across the way arrived on the scene. She asked for a cell phone to call the police/ambulance whatever.

In the mean time we found out that she had hurt her ankle on a cleat as she was coming off of someones boat (One of the marina’s owners boat actually) and hurt her ankle on the dock itself. Anyways  she staggered from there to the end of another dock where she plopped herself down. We were arranging all this when I did the “me” thing and had a talk with the lady (I tend to talk anyone and everyone cuz why not?). I found out what happened and was talking to her when I realized that she’s most likely not “all there”. Basically, and I hate to use the term, a simpleton. VERY nice though. She liked boats and what not. While she was talking it struck me… I’ve met her before! 4 years ago in fact!

At that time we weren’t docked at TIM yet but at Hanlan’s Point doing work. I was by myself when I heard foot steps on the boat. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I went up and saw that it was Jennifer (that’s the ladies name by the by). She had climbed onto the boat just because why not. Anyways he had had a long talk about boats, what she’s doing at Hanlans etc. She eventually left and was quite sad that I might not be there soon.

Weirdly enough I never saw her again… until now. We had a lovely talk while the police came in their speed boats (both of them) and the ambulance came from the island. So we had a FLURRY of activity here while everyone got things squared away. They took her away on one of the police boats and she was yelling back “ARE YOU STILL GOING TO BE HERE!? FOR HOW LONG!? CAN I COME OVER FOR A VISIT?!” It was all very sweet. She’s quite lonely from what I gathered. Not homeless from what I recall. Just not all there.

Now that would be a great way to end the story… But it didn’t end there! Only 1 of the police boats went back. On both boats they recognized not only the boat but me as well. Since we had had fun with the Captain Jack Sparrow and also because we’ve visited them a few times just to say hi (they also came on by when we were at Hanlans to get the scoop on the boat so we made friends then). Funny part: We were just talking about the boat and what I was doing when one of the officers left behind was looking with what I shall dub puppy dog eyes at the boat until I said “Did you want a tour?” He took us up on it immediately, along with another of the young ladies from the marina. When we were going down the dock the officer hollered back the officer on the boat that he was coming on board our boat. He yelled out “NOW JUST WAIT A MINUTE! What about me?” So ya. We had a full house for a bit there! I took them on a quick tour of the boat and bid them farewell afterwards.

That’s when the 3 J’s had time to finally have dinner. Around 9. NEVER  a dull moment while living aboard I tell ye!

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