That took a bit longer than I expected

So as some of you know I tend to get some pretty spectacular migraines at times. And sometimes I don’t always make the best decisions while in this state. THAT BEING SAID I took our little dingy and motored around the entire Toronto Islands. It took a bit over an hour and it kinda got cold out on the lake since I was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts. It was lots of fun overall but doing that with a little 6hp motor on a inflatable dingy did take a while to scoot around the entire place.

Onto other news. Speaking of dingy’s I recently bought myself a new (to me) one for $400. It’s a little aluminum fishing boat. It’s not launched right now since we’re stripping the paint off of it for a repaint and to reseal all the seams if necessary (I may just go over the seams anyways with an epoxy of some sorts on the inside and out while it’s out of the water anyways). I’ll be doing a bigger post on that once more of the work on it is finished so I can show progress etc.

The plan is that once it’s launched we’re going to move the little motor over for now and sell the inflatable. The reason for getting rid of the inflatable is that we can’t really store it on Pathfinder during winter. Sure we have cargo space in the lazarette but we can’t get it INTO there since the hatch is too small. With an aluminum boat though the idea is that we’ll just flip it upside down on the top deck which’ll give us a bit of extra insulation (sorta) over the galley and give us an outdoor spot to store things like our in window AC unit among other things. We’ll use large straps to hold it down so that the wind doesn’t take it for a trip.

Anyways this is also the first NEW post on my NEW blog. I haven’t announced it yet on Twitter or anything like that yet though since there are a few things that have to be finished yet. But boat stuff is never ending outside of this so ya. More posts to come when something newsworthy happens.

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