This weekends work (1 step closer to actual walls!)

I guess I could call this “What did YOU do on your weekend Part 2” but it was a few weekends apart and I don’t feel like changing the title of this post now… So ya…

This weekend we (or rather I) decided that it was time to get back into the swing of things with reno’s on the boat in a big way. As a result we made a HUGE mess since the first step was to remove everything from below the deck of the pilot house (our utility room) and either throw out what we don’t need/want, store what we need for later but not now, or repack what we need soon. It resulted in us getting a LOT of space back overall which was fortunate since I was stuck in that area most of the weekend framing up where some walls would be going to finally seal off the utility room from the rest of the boat.

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