Pathfinder makes her way back to TIM

This trip I wanted to basically man the wheel the entire way over but the fates conspired against me. I ended up getting the stomach flu only a few days before this move and even on this day I was still hurling over the rail. Fortunately my friend Mitch (who’s got loads and loads of experience with ships) was on hand to do that while I just ran around with my parents and some friends on board to man the lines (while I also manned the rail). The trip went smoothly and this year and our dock was there waiting for us.

View April 20th 2012 in a larger map

This year is we’re going to have a lot of changes on board structurally as we’re doing a lot of finishing work inside via either contractors or our own muscle. More on that to come throughout the year.

I hope to take Pathfinder out more often this year after some crucial work done on the ship itself (running lights, rudder indicator, radio etc). We’re also planning a trip State side to fuel up as well as it’ll cost us maybe $200 in fuel to get there and back but we’ll save at least $1000 in fuel. Plus it’ll be a fun trip!

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