Jeannie’s Christmas gift and Pathfinder joins the 1970’s!

So as I eluded to in the last post I had been very busy over December and January. What have I been doing? Well when Jeannie came back she saw this in the galley.


Which when unwrapped (as the captions suggest as well) turned into these!

Nice eh? K helped me out a lot with the cleaning and sadly I didn’t take a photo of the rest of the galley since we had put in some new chairs (New to the boat anyways) and organized the starboard side counter. It has REALLY opened up the space in the and it’s quite nice now.

So one might ask what the hell took me so long to install these. Well lets go over the task list of getting all this installed (this is the summarized version as well just to tell ya).

  • Install and hook up the hot water tank
  • Wire up the hot water tank (110Volt)
  • Install the water pump for water pressure (12 Volt)
  • Hook up the tank and pump to the manifolds installed earlier (Centralized water manifolds are WAAAAAY easier to troubleshoot and maintain. All houses should have them.)
  • Hook up the through hull to be used for gray water pump out into the lake
  • Create an anti-siphon valve system (I’ll have to take a photo of this to show everyone the madness of what I ended up building. This is to ensure that if the gray water manages to force out all the air and the 1 way valve breaks for some reason that the lake won’t try to drain into the boat)
  • Attach the pump out pump to the anti-siphon system
  • Attach the pump to the gray water collector tank
  • Curse at European wiring for being backwards and rewire up the sensor to the gray water tank
  • Run waste lines up to where I wanted to install the dishwasher
  • Run a water line to where the dishwasher
  • Run 110Volt power lines with GFI’s to the dishwasher area, hot water tank, fridge and the back of the cabinet so we don’t need to use extension cords.
  • Wire up the dishwasher
  • Try to cut the holes needed in the deck for the waste water, hot and cold water for the sink (this took days alone thanks to the military grade steel I had to try to cut through. I literally destroyed brand new drill bits in this processes. As a side note Milwaukee drillbits are designed to drill through butter and that’s it.)
  • Run all the hoses and pipes needed for the sink.

Ya. That’s the extremely summarized version there. I didn’t even cover all the stuff I had to get out of the way of the pipes just to run them. So ya. FUN.

Anyways life on board has drastically improved with running water alone now and the dishwasher has made everyone in the marina very jealous (BWAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA!). So at least now we have fancy schmancy running water inside the place now.

Next post I’ll post pictures of what we did family day weekend with my parents. I’d make that post today but frankly I forgot to take photos. Awesome eh?

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