Boat Progress

So just to kick off this category with some high level information I’m planning on living on a boat in Toronto, of which there are a few reasons for this.
1. Is that it’s cheaper than a condo (potentially)
2. There is no taxes on it
3. It’s a boat… Kinda cool to live on and might as well try that out while I’m still young.
Anyways I’m at the point now where I can start finding out how expensive this venture is going to be. I’ve contacted a company that specializes in aluminum boat building in Parry Sound. So they apparently want to review my plans first before they relay it to a naval architect which is a bit odd considering I want to know how much a 60′ hull is going to cost first (roughly) before I get really committed to this. Aluminum would be great and all (no rust, smooths out nicely, very light) but it is pricey.

In any case I’ll post the results.


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    • Josh
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