So ya. I spent the rapture with my number 1 gal on the boat for the 3pm time slot and the I was having poutine with pulled pork at the 6pm time slot. Not a bad way to spend the beginning of the end of the world really 🙂

Our friend Harrod Camping has revised his A-Plane to heaven schedule in the wake of absolutely nothing happening at his given time (minus the nearly 100million dollars he apparently made during this prediction) to October 21st which is when in his original prediction the world was going to end as a whole. Originally Rapture was supposed to be May 21st followed by 5 months of hell for the rest of us left behind. NOW it’s going to be 5months of hell THEN the rapture. But that’s ok because apparently on top of this people WERE raptured… SPIRITUALLY!!!! Soooo I suppose that gives the green light to everyone who’s been raptured to be complete jerks to their fellow man since they’re now spiritless? Whatever. In any case the plans to help defeat the apocalyptic heat that we’ll have will include installing an AC unit into the boat sometime this year. So HA! Take THAT brimstone!

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