Or not as I have milk that expires on May 22nd therefore the raptures date (as discerned by Mr.Camping) May 21st can’t be accurate.

Anyways I do have some animal related posts to put up but I have a few things to get sorted out first (ie photos and some maps as to where I’ve seen the animals around the islands). BUT being an avid fan of end of the world predictions, conspiracy theories and other tin foil hat wearing shenanigans I can’t just leave this one alone. So what is this end of he world prediction based on I hear you wonder. WELL let us let the math do the talking.

First off according to bible scholars Jesus was put on the cross on April 1 33AD (worst April fools prank ever).

Between April 1 33AD and April 1 2011AD there’s 1978 years.

1978 x 365.2422 (number of days per year) = 722,449

722,449 + 51 (number of days between April 1st and May 21st) = 722,500

So what right? WELL here’s where the shocker comes. Did you know that 722,500 = ( 5 x 10 x 17 ) ^2? (The little ^2 means to the power of 2 or in this case Squared)

So ya. Again… So what right? Well according to Camping:

5 = atonement

10 = completeness

17 = heaven

AMAZING!… Wait… Where did those numbers come from? As far as I can tell he just pulled them out of the air. No proof. Just his belief. Yup. That’s it.

Instead lets say that 722,500 represents Waffles. So this May 21st HOIST a waffle up high for international Waffle Worship Day! Or according to a group in Florida its international Gator day. So take your pick. I plan on having waffles though.

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