Other possible hulls

So I still have yet to send off my plans to the hull people (probably do that this week) but after thinking about it and comparing to other aluminum hulls of smaller (albeit more complicated) design I think having this hull made out of aluminum is sadly unrealistic. Although there’s always the off chance that the price may just be right. Who knows?

Although contingency plans should be made and oddly enough the most likely of them is to revisit an idea I had several years ago when this obsession began. A European river barge. Back then most were priced very high and there was very little chance to get one over here but with the sagging economy, especially in the nautical world, boat costs are starting to bottom out. There are hulls available in Europe – more specifically Denmark, Britain, and France – that are under $50,000 CND and are larger than my design. Issue is what is the cost of moving a hull from Europe to Toronto? No idea really but there are people that do these things of which I have to find and contact them.

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