Stromboli the pizza roll with an identity crisis

This is a bit of a messed up meal. I had never given it any thought until someone at the office pointed out that Stromboli is the name of a place. But first, BEHOLD! This is a Stromboli.


Basically it’s a pizza that has been rolled up. That’s about it. It makes eating an entire log of cheese and peperoni very easy (why you WOULDN’T want to eat this I have no idea). However, when I made mention of what the heck I was eating at the office on of the guys made mention that Stromboli was in fact a place! So began the hunt for information on this King of log like lunches. Fortunately we quickly found this Wikipedia article on it: Stromboli food

Which says that this was actually named after this movie:


Starring Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini. Which is about how 2 people married so that the lead ladies character can avoid being imprisoned… somehow. Anyways the hubbies home town is Stromboli which is where most of the drama occurs… Apparently. I haven’t seen it so I can’t make comment.

So here we now have a Lunch Log named for a movie that was named for the town Stromboli. A rather round about way to get a name I must say. Which brings to question… how many other movies or food have this bizarre treatment? For instance Jet Lee’s movie “Hero” could be named after the sandwich! Hulk Hogan could be named after Hogan’s Heroes which was named after a Hoagie sandwich! This conspiracy of food inspired movies and movie inspired foods runs deep I think.

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