Hooks in a public shower

Ok. So this is going to be a pedantic point but I’ve come to the conclusion that there is an opitmal number of hooks for a single person to have in a public shower.

Currently I’m using the marina shower and bathroom facilities for my daily ablutions. These are locked off from the public so they’re only public in so much as anyone in the marina can use them at any time. Regardless I’ve discovered that there is a optimal amount of equipment required per shower stall for anyone to be truly comfortable. Here’s the requirements:

  • 1 bench or stool
  • 1 rubber mat outside the shower that drains quickly
  • 3 hooks on the wall. Minimum.

The last one is the MOST important. You can get by with out the rest but you NEED 3 hooks. Currently there are only 2 hooks per shower stall. This is not enough. Let me explain why 3 is the optimal number. You need 1 for your coat/jacket/heavy sweater/umbrella or whatever you wore on the outside on the way here. You want this hook to be separate from the others just to make sure if your coat is wet you don’t have your other stuff piled on it. The NEXT hook is for your toiletries bag which could contain your clothing to change into as well (the bench could also be used for this but if you’re long of leg pants will be draped partially onto the floor which means you’ll have wet spots on your pants. Finally a hook for your towel. Some heathens may suggest to put this with your toiletries. MADNESS I say to them! If you need to get something from your bag the towel is in the way! And what happens when you need to start changing? The towel is in the way still! PLUS your pants after the shower could have a wet towel over them briefly. Which means that they’re either damp, or smell damp. This is not the road to happiness.

If you, or your loved ones, know of a public shower that has only 2 hooks and not 3 please report them.

That is all.

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