The weekend the stairs died

This past weekend and the prior 2 days was unusually busy for me. First off the best girl in the world came up to see me (You know who you are) and for the next 4 days we did some shopping, some working (I had to work this past Friday between Canada Day and Saturday), some exploring of Center Island and a LOT of working on the boat.

We got the spiral staircase cut out and the new staircase put in. Sadly the spiral staircase had to go, it was simply too small to use daily and generally we injured ourselves on it more often than not. My Dad had a straight Stainless steel staircase that he was using as a ladder for his boat up north that we’ve re-purposed into my new steep stairway. This will give us a lot more usable space around the cargo hold itself and afford us a huge bathroom for the boat.

A lot of painting was done too! Nearly the entire port side was repainted black and she’s looking really good now.

This week and weekend will be mainly cleaning up the cargo hold to get ready for the tiling and walls etc. So ya. Things are moving well now. 🙂

Special thanks to Mom, Dad, and K. Extra special thanks to my hun!

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