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Posted from Eastport, Maine, United States.

So yesterday I didn’t have an internet connection but clearly today I do. Yesterday I wrote this log entry that was essentially from day 1 of the entire Eastport to Toronto adventure for picking up my ship:

Day 1 in Eastport

Still a bit nervous about the entire boat thing but I believe this will work out now that I have a place to call home at least temporarily in Toronto. Karen the nice lady that manages Toronto Island Marina said I could tie up to Hanlons Point since it was deep enough. But she mentioned that it was a bit isolated which personally I don’t really mind. I still haven’t really eaten yet for a few days only having had a burger sometime the day before yesterday, and dinner last night so I’m not feeling 100%.

Since I forgot the power inverter I hope we can find one when we go shopping for a new radar unit. If not then there won’t be many logs or the timelapse video I was hoping to make. Sort of a little price to pay considering all the stress I’ve been under in the last 3 days.

Today we should see how much work there is left before we head on out. I know from looking at the ship that we still have to take the mast down but that shouldn’t take too long now that we have a few extra hands. I think we’ll also be trying to get the head hooked up today. Dad bought some lumber which I’m thinking he was planning to use to make up the bulkheads of the head. We’ll see.

Anyways 10min before I have to meet everyone for breakfast.

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