More chaos and Plan C

I managed to forget to post a few things that had happened along with the stuff that happened in the previous post. I heard back from the aluminum boat builder people and got a quote as to how much the Tres Petite Hermine would cost. They estimated that the hull itself – that is ONLY the hull, no motor, paint, portholes, electronics or anything like that – would cost between $278k and $304k and that it’d take 704 man hours to complete. A few days ago I sent an email saying that this was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my budget and got a reply back saying that perhaps we can adjust the design to make it cost less. Which is a nice thought but I basically needed it cheapened by a factor of 2 or 3 before it comes anywhere near to how much I’ll be paying for the boat in Plan C… which I haven’t posted about either.

Quick recap of the plans.

  1. Plan A: Have a hull made for me out of aluminum
    • Pros: Never rusts, very light, already in Canada, very easy material to work with
    • Cons: Very expensive, when the hull is made it still needs a mountain of work to make it a ship first before I finish the interior, a bit smaller than the other plans
    • Dimensions: 60′ LOA, 16′ Beam, 2′ Draft (prior to interior work)
  2. Plan B: Have a hull brought over from denmark
    • Pros: Dirt cheap hull ($30,000), very interesting shape, loads of space, has rivets!
    • Cons: Will cost a lot to bring over here ($60,000), no engine, no wiring, lots of work needed on the hull, hull is over 100 years old.
    • Dimensions: 70′ LOA, 18′ Beam, 2′ Draft (prior to interior work)
  3. Plan C: Higgins T-Boat from East Port Maine
    • Pros: Very cheap fully functioning ship ($120k listing), LOADS of space, recently painted, interior ready for conversion.
    • Cons: Modifications are needed to get it to Canada first off, not a complete interior yet.
    • Dimensions: 65’LOA, 18′ Beam, 7′ Draft

Overall Plan C is the most economical and viable option to get me quickly out of the tropics known as my apartment. Plus with the space available I can move into immediately if I needed to and still have enough space to work on the rest of the ship until completion.

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